Down the rabbit hole again!

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May 31, 2018
Hello all!
TL/DR dogfighting bombers are cool
I ran into a short 15 minute YouTube entitled "The Japanese Floatplane That Fought a B-29"

It is an enjoyable account of a Japanese "Jake" engaged in maneuvering on a B-29 that returns the favor.
Having read accounts of B-24s fighting FW-200s and the B-17 Ol' 666 fighting Japanese Zeros, the idea of heavy bombers slugging it out against other planes got my curiosity going and down the rabbit hole I went…
I immediately hit lay dirt when I stumbled upon an excerpt from the memoirs of Lt. Hitsruji, 851 NAG published under the title "Saigo no Hikotei" (The last flying boat).
Type 97 Flying boat vs B-17
The excerpt details a late 1942 patrol mission approximately 150 miles south of Guadalcanal in which Lt. Hitsruji's H6K "Mavis" faces down line B-17s, twice, before barely making it home full of holes, casualties, and almost sinking on landing. Interestingly, he describes the inexplicable loss of 16 flying boat patrol planes before his mission, all disappearing before they could radio the situation they found themselves in and was shocked to discover the attackers to be B-17s and B-24s leading to increased armament and armor on the remaining boats in the Solomons. It is insinuated that clashes between large patrol planes was not unusual or infrequent.
Seemingly confirmed when I quickly found a story and associated lithograph of another B-17 vs H6K matchup.
Butler County Warbirds Online PX :: An Interesting Dog Fight

I was completely unaware of this sort of action between B-17s/PB-1 and Japanese Mavis flying boats. I'd really like to find out more about the units flying these missions and any other stories. Flying combat in the Solomons circa 1942 is starting to sound like a Star Wars-type movie with all the various types of crafts involved. The Cactus Airforce with its assortment of Wildcats, P-38s, SBDs, and of course the ultimate in cutting edge tech P-39s flying against enemy bombers, fighters, troop transports, troops, and ships. PBYs flying patrol and Black Cat missions. Army or Navy B-17s/B-24s flying patrol/bomber/ and extreme heavy fighter missions. Lol, the dogfights sound more like the old ships of the line firing broadsides at each other.
Anyways, I hope these tales give someone as much enjoyment as I found in them.
There's an older thread about heavies squaring off and brawling, found here:

There's an older thread about heavies squaring off and brawling, found here:

excellent! Thanks!
You're welcome.

I actually have more to add to the Clash of the Titans thread, but they're on my computers, which are in storage.
So it'll be a while before I can update it 😐
Something to look forward to for the new year!
I know there were a couple of Fw 200 verse Whitley "dogfights" over the North Atlantic.


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