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    EAW1.28e is not that far from release, so here a little preview:

    To get a better idea of what have changed, at 1st a little review like it was with EAW1.2.
    With EAW1.2 and most other EAW.exe´s addon only could be loaded into the EAW root directory. So if we wanted to load a new campaign, we had to unload other possibly loaded stuff at 1st, then we could load the new files and this files could have a size(all together) of 100MB or more.
    As result it was better to keep seperate EAW installations, one for each setup. Since EAW cover all possible and impossible WWII theatres and also spanish civil war and even Korea, a player could have 20 seperate EAW installations, where all installations was rather static.

    Already with EAW1.28C we did introduce a "folder system", where we could store files, to be used by the exe, by loading a tiny "pointer file" into the EAW root. By using this system we already needed only one EAW installation + the related sub folders, where the campaign files are placed.

    A absolut new feature of EAW1.28c was the steady moving date, with every flown mission and the possibility to create date related seasonal setups, where depending to the current season, the correct terrain etc got used.
    This already was a major breakthrough, cause 1st time we saw snow in Winter and the fitting terrian in summer etc, without the need to load the graphic by hand and without the need to leave the game.

    With EAW1.28c also the possibility to use "plane set" folders got introduced, where we was able to load up to 5 different plane sets, but just 2 from inside the game.

    Now with EAW1.28e we got a major breakthrough regarding the planes.
    From EAW1.0 till EAW1.28d we had extreme static plane sets, cause EAW did use so called "multi-plane-files", where the related datas of all 30 plane slots was stored. As result it was rather difficult to exchange just one plane with another.
    Now we was able to split all the "multi-plane-files", as result 1st time we can store a complet single plane in one folder, to be used in varius setups.
    To be able to do this we ajusted the "folder-system", so that each plane FM/DM can stay in its own folder and the related plane graphics(skin, hanagr screen etc) also can stay in their own folders.
    This folders can be "read only" or even "hidden", cause once a plane is ready, we dont need to touch the files again, we just point the exe to the wanted folders.
    This FM- and graphic- folders get stored in a "Planes" folder, inside the EAW root and can get used in a endless number of plane sets.
    So we need to store each FM and plane graphic just one time, but we can use it in all possible setups.
    This is done by two little "pointer-files", where we have the needed tool to create and change them on the fly.
    So if a play want to fly a 109G2 instead of a 109G6, he just need to point the exe to the 109G2 FM and to the wanted graphic folder(skin/hangar screen etc).

    With the EAW1.28e release we already offer a basic ETO setup, with a seasonal terrain setup and 5 different plane sets, where the player can select the wanted planeset from within the game in "configure game". So with the EAW1.28e release we will have around 60 different ETO plane types available + the FAW(Finnish Air War) planes.
    Here is list:
    Slot00: P38F, P38H, I-16 Type18, I-16 Type24, HurriII_VVS
    Slot01: P38J, P40N, I-153, Mig-3
    Slot02: P47C, MartletII, Yak-7b
    Slot03: P47D, P40E, IL-2
    Slot04: P51B, P51A, Yak-1, Yak-1b
    Slot05: P51D, P40C, P39N, P39Q, P39Q(no wing guns)
    Slot06: B17F, B17G, TB-3, A-20G
    Slot07: B24, A20G, Pe-2(early), Pe-2(late)
    Slot08: B26a, Beaufighter IVF, DB-3, IL-4
    Slot09: HurriIa, SpitVc LF cw, I-16 Type18, I-16 Type24
    Slot10: Spit1a, SpitIXc Merlin70, Lagg3(41), Lagg3(43)
    Slot11: SpitIXc Merlin61, SpitIXc Merlin66, Yak9T, Yak9U
    Slot12: Spit14e, SpitVc, I-153,
    Slot13: TyphoonII, SpitVb, La5, La5F, La5FN
    Slot14: TempestV, Hurri IIc, P40E
    Slot15: Mosquito, BlenheimIVF, SB2
    Slot16: 109E4, 109G2, B-239, GladiatorII(FAF)
    Slot17: 109G6, 109G2, 109F2,
    Slot18: 109K4, 109F4, Curtis75(FAF)
    Slot19: 110C4, 109G14, MS406(FAF)
    Slot20: 110G2, 110D, BlenheimI(FAF)
    Slot21: 410A, 410B, 109E7b, BlenheimIV(FAF)
    Slot22: 190A4, 190A3, 190A6, Fiat G50(FAF)
    Slot23: 190D9, 190A4, FokkerDXXIw(FAF), FokkerDXXIm(FAF)
    Slot24: 262a, 109G2, 109G6, GladiatorII(FAF)
    Slot25: J88A5, J88A5,
    Slot26: J88C3, Ta152H, Do17Z
    Slot27: Ju87B, Ju87D, FokkerCX
    Slot28: H111P, FW190A8, SB-2
    Slot29: V1, Do17Z, Hurri1(FAF)

    Regarding the multiplayer aspect:
    The hosts plane set will get used and also the hosts missiond date.
    As result all players will see the same season and planes.
    Max 16 players can take part in a game.


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    It looks like it's going to be a nice update. :thumbup:


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