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  1. S9+AP wreck


  1. S9+AP wreck

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I have the exact photo, that I obtained many years ago. In the e-bay auction, I believe the first two are copies, not originals. I think only the third one, taking off, is original, and the reverse of a photo relates to the taking-off photo. Note that the first two do not show any reverse...
  1. S9+AP wreck

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Having checked my files, I believe this is the incident:
27th August 1941
Bf 110 E-2
W. Nr. 3753
Pilot: Leutnant Hubertus Huy - wounded (4. Staffel)
Bordfunker: Gefreiter Walter Förstl - wounded (4. Staffel)
Damaged on combat mission 1 Km. south-east of Ljuban.
100% write-off.

Note: 4. Staffel crew flying a 6. Staffel machine. This did happen on many occasions, when available crews flew aircraft from another Staffel when none of their own were available.
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Nightfighter NJG radar ??+AT

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Bf 110G-4 of the 9./NJG1 (G9+AT) W.Nr 160616 with the FuG 220, Fritzlar 1945.

Bf 110 G4  9NJG1 (G9+AT) WNr 160616 FuG 220 Fritzlar 1945.jpg

Bf 110 G4  9NJG1 (G9+AT) WNr 160616 FuG 220 Fritzlar 1945_.jpg

Bf 110 G4  9NJG1 (G9+AT) WNr 160616 FuG 220 Fritzlar 1945_a.jpg

the source: the net.
NJG 1 wqas not operating Ju's it was a bf 110G-4 unit the JU's were exp[experimental just as II./NJG 1 had a few Uhu"s to test operationally if this makes sense.

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