Engine cowl flaps on the P-47C/D

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'll start here.

    I'm currently researching the identity of Lt. Ralph "Kidd" Hofer's P-47 "The Missouri Kid - Sho Me" (see discussion on 4th Fighter Group fan page) It is a certainty that it is not 41-6484. The only pictures of the craft show the nose art but not the serial or squadron code. What is evident is the lack of extra engine cowling flaps that appeared early on in the P-47D-1 and D-2 blocks.

    There were however some D models produced prior to the introduction of the 2 extra cowling flaps on each side. 42-8400 (from P-47D-2-RE block) is an example of this.

    Does anyone know on which a/c (i.e. serial) the additional cowling flaps first appeared?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


    Tim McCann

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