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Jun 15, 2005
Deep in suburban Surrey
My latest offering :)


I've been drawing missiles today, so my next project will be packing a lot of ammo..

I want to do the newer version of the Eurofighter, then maybe a Spitfire, Tornado, and Harrier...
It's Adobe Illustrator.

It is a very cool app, and links in beautifully with the other Adobe stuff like Photoshop, Imageready, and PDF bits... I love the ability to scale stuff to any size then export it to Photoshop with no loss of quality - it rocks!
For precision stuff like this, you really need a line drawing to work from.

I just hunt for stuff on Google, and there are hundreds to be found.

Just place your picture on a background layer, then you can trace over it.

Hmm... I should do a tutorial on this....

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