Evan's QB-35 Video thread

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
Hi guys, I have been slowly editting videos from the QB-35 fly-in. Here is the first installment. There will be more after this one as I get around to doing the edits.

I have left the sound intact so you can hear the engine sounds. 8)

Clip one: Hawker Sea Fury
Taxi out as wings unfold, rollout to runway, take and landing.



  • seafury_198.wmv
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Very slick Evan! Seeing "CMA" brings back memories! I could see the mist rolling in as the Sea Fury took off.



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Thanks for all the compliments. Because of the encouragement, I took a break from packing to do another quick edit.

Clip 2: SNJ-5 (AT-6) "War Dog", flown by John Collver.
Same basic idea as the first clip, but less taxi time.



  • snj-5wardog_206.wmv
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And now for something completely different. I have a couple of non-warbird ones. This one is the Pitts S2C, owned and flown by Bill Cornick. He is an amazing aerobatic pilot, 73 years old but in better shape than me! I have a video of his routine somewhere as well I may post at another time.

Enjoy this one too!


  • pittss2c_208.wmv
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This one is a little big, but definitely worth the download. I don't see too many videos of the Northrop N9M. This is the only one flying today and it's a beauty! Warmup, taxi, takeoff, flypast and landing. You get the whole enchilada with this one.

Enjoy this clip of a one of a kind.


  • n9m_166.wmv
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Great job, evan! Really good, especially that N9M! Very interesting, and good camera work.
Thanks guys. It's nice to be able to share them with people who appreciate them. You show them to the non-aviation buff, and they say "oh yes an airplane." I am getting a few more ready. I may be offline for a couple of days starting tomorrow as it will be moving day (ugh!) and I will have to wait until the afternoon to get my cable internet. Plus it will be unpacking time.

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