Extra 300S Aerobatics video

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
This is Nick Nilmeyer in his Extra 300S at the Camarillo airshow last August. The amazing thing is that he was 20 years old when I filmed this routine. He is good, really good! It's a bit big, but you get 7 minutes worth of aerobatics with some groovy music! ;) Enjoy!


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Not sure how long he's been flying. I think I read somewhere that he took a second at an aerobatics competition when he was 16 or 17! As you can see, he is quite exciting to watch. In the raw video, one of the guys I work with at the museum is talking in the background. When Nick starts the rolls on the way down, you hear Gene say "WOOOOOOOOW"!

Nicely tracked as he aerobatted all over the sky.

Couple of questions...

Why the music (and what is it.... some kind of jazz funk...)? I like the sound of the engine over any kind of music... plus sites like FlightLevel350 now refuse vids with a soundtrack for fear of copyright infringement.

Did you use MS MM and video card...?

I couldn't get away from the crowd, so you could hear alot of talking and kids in the background, which drives me nuts. The music is a band called Toto. The song is called "Jake to the Bone". I like having some pumping music behind it when there is a lot of idle chatter going on in the background when I shoot. This year, I should be able to get up on the risers and be above the crowd, then I can leave the sound as is.

I use Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 for all the editting. I used video capture in the past and have never been happy with it, so now I use pure digital. My camera is digital, so I come off it via firewire straight into the PC.

Thanks for the accolades. I had the easy part, I just had to film it! 8)

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