F4U 17740

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for as many photos as possible of the F4U-1A BuNo 17740 of VMF-214. So far I've found these, plus a photo of the starboard side of it taxiing. I also have the following info about the aircraft:

17740 ran out of fuel and ditched adjacent to Melip Village, Malekula Island, unknown date.

The photos with the pilots posing around it with the St. Louis Cardinals caps and bats were taken on December 27, 1943.

I'm hoping to find a photo that shows whether or not the aircraft had another star without the bars on the top of the starboard wing. The photo I have in the book shows it lacking that star, but as is obvious in the photos I've provided it did have a star on both wings on the bottom.

VMF-214 CO Boyington's F4U-1A Torokina Strip Bougainville.jpg
According to the Kookaburra Markings of the Aces - US Navy Book 2, the colour image of the White 740 was taken at Torokina in December of 1945. Although the date seems to be wrong ( ??? December 1943 ) it is believed it is the same kite seen in the first and last picture of your first post above. It is clearly seen that the starboard wing had the late US insignia applied. Also I have read somewhere that it is possible the Corsair could have had the port wing taken from another plane marked with the earlier US markings. However it can be noticed in the pic taken at the Bougainville in 1943 there is the US Star with white bars on the top of the port wing. The image could have been taken before the replacing happened. Also it is possible the top insignia might have gotten the white bars while the one on the underside of the wing didn't. It would have been more correct taking the rule of markings into consideration. I mean the US Star with bars on undersides of the starboard wing and at the top surface of the port one.

I think if you are not going to follow the pic in my post above you may do what you want. Please look at the pic below. Believing the caption it shows F4UCorsairs of the VMF-222 at Russell Islands in 1944. It appears that the US markings at wing tops could be applied differently. As memo serves there is another part of the image showing the right side of the airstrip. There can be seen a Corsair with US Stars without the bars applied on both wing tops .

F4UCorsair VMF-222 RussellIslands1944.jpg
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Thanks Andy, I imagine we've found most of what can be found of this aircraft, which is more than enough in this case. I'll hopefully have the 1/32 Tamiya -1A in time for the Allied Manufactured build so I think this will be the aircraft I'll do.
Thanks Wojtek, a replacement wing would make sense. It would make sense that it would have another roundel on top. I just wish I had an exact date for that taxiing picture.

According to AJ-Press monography the image with the VMF-214 members standing on the wings of the Corsair , was taken on the 4th December 1943. The old US insignias weren't overpainted/repainted but just added the white bars to the port top star and the starboard bottom one. And the image with taxing "740" I have posted above , according to the net , was taken at Bougainville 1943 or in February 1944 according to the Kagero Monography for F4U Corsair.

And here another pic of the VMF-222 Corsairs at Russell Islands in 1944. But there is one more shot of the airstrip I have seen somewhere.

Corsair VMF-222_2.jpg
See, I have December 27th from Bruce Gamble for the photos of them standing on the wings. I was aware of the protocol for the new roundels, and also for how inconsistently it was applied!

Does it look like to any of you guys that the bottom roundel on the starboard wing has an outline of any kind? Red or blue?

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