F86 Sabre

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Douglas Jr.

Airman 1st Class
Nov 21, 2004
South of the Border

I´m looking for a very nice (and big) picture of a F86 Sabre jet with USAAF colors to use as wallpaper.

Can anyone help me here? :oops:


If you're looking for restored birds, try searching at Airliners.net...

Airliners.net Search Page

Under Keywords type in 'F-86 Sabre' or just 'F-86' and you'll get between 250 and 300 hits; mostly warbirds, museum birds and birds on sticks, unfortunately, but there's some groovy stuff there.

If you're looking for decent period shots... they're a bit harder to come by on the web. There's plenty of your usual run of the mill 'garbage' images out there, but relatively few nice, big images of good quality.

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