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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Micdrow, Sep 25, 2006.

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    Ok, need some feedback on the Fw-44. I just downloaded this file from the Helsinki University library in Finnland. Its a complete pilot and maintance manual on the Fw-44. I really havnt seen another manual like this on german aircraft since the Bf109E.

    Question is are there alot of people that would be interested in it, which is why I need the feed back. I could upload it to the technical forum. There is one problem though. Its 235MB and around 93 page's!!!!! :rolleyes:

    I believe its been scanned at a very high resolution is the reason why I think the file is so big.

    I could try and take the time and break this down into smaller parts like I did the B-17. I could also post a link along with instructions on how to find this file. Problem is when I looked for it, it took me a while to figure out how to find it and a half and hour to download it because the web site is in Finnish and the file so huge. Manual looks be be in german though.

    If quite a few people are interested then i will take the time and try and break the file down into parts.

    So its up to you now to reply.

    Thanks Micdrow :lol:

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