Fiat CR.42 Falco

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Mar 26, 2007
Italian plane exported to Belgium captured by Germans. Most captured ones joined the Luftwaffe in a training role although a few did see combat action again.

Falca ve službách Luftwaffe ,

Fiat CR.42 aces of WWII, Osprey aircraft of the aces 90, by Häkan Gustavsson and Ludovico Slongo. It has a chapter dedicated to the Luftwaffe use of CR.42, very interesting. Acording to this book on 8 February 1945 there was a combat between NSGr 7 Cr.42s and the P-38s of American 14 FG. During the battle NSGr 7 lost four CR.42, 3 to P-38s and one to groundfire. Two P-38 were lost in this mission and Csaba Beccze says that an NSGr 7 pilot claimed a P-38 destroyed. It would be the last biplane combat victory ever claimed.

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