Finalised GB nominations - GBs 37 to 49

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Apr 6, 2008
Orange NSW
Its been a privilege guys to have carried out the nominations process for the next rounds of GBs, and I'm pleased to announce that our suggestions have been fully accepted by the judges.

I have tried very hard to make this group of nominations as inclusive as I can, trying not to overlook any of the suggestions that were made whilst also catering to the majority. I hope you guys enjoy building these categories.

I would like to thank you all for your participation, and in particular the help of the judges. special thanks to Andy (Crimea River ) who was patient and of immense help throughout.

enjoy guys!

February 1st – June 3rd 2018 GB 37-Helicopters Military or Civil all eras.
May 1st – September 2nd 2018 GB 38-The Reich, its Allies and their Captured Aircraft
August 1st – December 2nd 2018 GB 39-Battle for France to the Battle of Britain Allied or Axis
November 1st 2018 – March 3rd 2019 GB 40 WW2 Heavy Hitters (Bomber a/c only, no fighters)
February 1st – June 2nd 2019 GB 41 Pacific Theatre of Operations from 1937 (including China war from 1937)
May 1st – September 1st 2019 GB 42 WWII Mediterranean Theatre of Operation (incl Greece, Crete & Malta, Africa and Middle East)
August 1st 2019 – December 1st 2019 GB 43 Aces' Aircraft All Eras
November 1st 2019 - March 1st 2020 GB 44 Military A/C 1946 - 1982
February 1st – May 31st 2020 GB 45 Split Build - Battle of Britain / Aircraft in Foreign Service and Minor Nations (incl Lend Lease)
May 1st – September 6th 2020 GB 46 Split Build - WW2 Eastern Front / Twin Engine A/C, Transports and Gliders
August 1st – December 6th 2020 GB 47 Split Build - WW2 D-Day and After – Western Front / Neutral Nations 1939-1945
November 1st 2020 – February 28th 2021 - GB 48 Split Build - Carrier & Maritime Patrol A/C of WWII / Military A/C before 1939 (incl Spanish Civil War)
February 1st – June 6th 2021 GB 49 Split Build - WW2 Night Fighters / Favourite a/c of WWII


Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
Been away a very long time. Can't believe GB20 was my last entry. Been busy moving, renovations, making other stuff and getting involved with a group of sign painters her in Oz. Some ongoing health crap as well. Good to see so many of you still active.
Thanks for the list, I was wondering what the next lot looked like.
Had a HS-34J from my old squadron HS-4 I wanted to do for GB37, but a month is not enough time.
The entries from the GB's I have missed do look the biz. Some real talent advancements.
Cheers, Bill


Benevolens Magister
Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
Great to see you back again Bill. I was wondering where you'd got to, so good to know you're doing well. Looking forward to seeing you join in with the GBs again.


Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
It's good to see so many of the old guard still here and active. Been in contact with Vic and Meatloaf now and then.
I look forward to posting here gain. A good lot yous are!
I've got that 747 wing set to finish, I feel too guilty to do any of my stuff till I get them back to their owner.
I wish I could join in on this latest build, gotta build this one one day to fill my HS-4 group. I trained in these,as an aircrew.
Still love the sound of a round engine

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