Finish Forty and Home now available as an e-book

Discussion in 'Non-fiction' started by FinishForty, Sep 23, 2011.

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    I’m very pleased to let board members know that my book about B-24 airmen in the Pacific, Finish Forty and Home, is now available as an e-book on Google as well as Kobo. Last month it was also released as an audio book, and the audio book site has a sample narrated by actor Danny Campbell as well as an interview with me (in case you want to hear my fine North Carolina accent, and you'll understand why they got a professional narrator to record the audio book!) Of course it is also available as a hardcover book you can hold in your hands and read the old fashioned way! I’m grateful to those of you on the boards who have given me such positive feedback about the book, and I’ll extend my offer of a free, personalized book plate- if you’d like one for your copy, pm me with your mailing address, and let me know how you’d like for me to sign it. I can sign it in memory or in honor of a veteran, or simply to you. Thanks so much.

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