**** FINISHED: 1/48 F6F-5P VF-88 Yorktown - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
User Name: N4521U
Name: Bill
Category: Advanced
Entry: F6F-5P
Kit: 1/48 Eduard ProfiPACK F6F-5 Late

Accessories: Eduard Brassin HVAR rockets, resin 500 pounders from my stash, bomb decals from Paul, Eduard USN WWII crew kit. Being an Eduard kit a lot of extras were included, PE cockpit and some exterior stuff.
Another addition to my CV-10 Yorktown collection.

This is modeled as a VF-88 F6F-5P recon photographic conversion during the October 1945, Operation Downfall. This was the first phase of Olympic/Majestic Fast Carrier operations. During this period, Task Force 38 would conduct softening up airstrikes on the Japanese coastline from early July to around mid-August. This phase was under way when the war ended.

CTG 38.4 – Rear Admiral A. W. Radford (COMCARDIV 6)
CV-10 Yorktown – Captain W. F. Boone
Carrier Air Group 88 (CVG-88)
VF-88 (24 x F6F-5, 6 x F6F-5P, 6 x F6F-5N)
VBF-88 (37 x FG-1D)
VB-88 (11 x SB2C-4E, 4 x SB2C-4)
VT-88 (14 x TBM-3, 1 x TBM-3E)

In a way I'm glad this one is over. It's been very intense at times. But it is complete.

Done some things I hadn't tried before and feel okay by them. A little more detail than I had planned, but it needed most of what I did. The camera, I just felt this build needed more than just a hole punched in the side with a piece of glass stuck in it. Have a sh!t load of figures now, had to buy a box of 'em to get Larry the Lens. The kit rockets and bombs were a bomb, so aftermarkets were a must. I did add tubing for the brake lines.

The paint scheme is from one obscure shot of RR25 taking off on the Yorktown and thought it would be odd enough for this build. F6F-5P planes were marked to be noticeable with a P or some other mark so it could be serviced first and film processed ASAP.

I want to thank everyone who has peaked in on my build. All the help and encouragement I've gotten is a big contributor to the success of my build. I thank Paul for both the bomb decals and help in my Larry the Lens painting. I've used a bit more of the antenna wire I'd gotten from Super Vic.

It's good to see everyone doing a bit of a stretch in their builds. We've got a great bunch on this forum and I cannot imagine I would be doing this kind of work without you. Instead of something I have become engrossed with, I would just be going thru the motions of gluing some stuff together, and throwing some paint at it. Everyone who posts their builds and shares their building experiences as well, I learn much from their posts. I hope I have helped some over a hurdle or two.
Cheers, Bill


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And a couple of details.


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Bill you've put some real hard work into this build and it has really paid off.

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