**** FINISHED: GB-40 1:72 Junkers Ju88A-4 - Heavy Hitters III

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Staff Sergeant
Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
User name: Bustedwing.
First name: Graham.
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Revell
Scale: 1:72
Add ons: Harnesses, possibly more.

Had a great time building this kit, the yellow controversy was quite entertaining as well !

gb40 (1)r.jpg

gb40 (2)r.jpg

gb40 (3)r.jpg

gb40 (4)r.jpg

gb40 (5)r.jpg

gb40 (6)r.jpg

gb40 (7)r.jpg

gb40 (8)r.jpg
Thanks all, it was a great kit to build ! I'm doing the other version, I also picked up the C-6 version as well. More or less the same kit. Night fighter though. I tried not to over do the weathering. I wanted it to look battle worn, not hauled up out of a Norwegian Fjord !
Yes, first time. I've been on this site a long time, I think 2005 ? Never done a group build. Never thought I would have time to complete one even though I've posted quite a few of my start to finish builds. Now that I'm retired........different story !
I'm not going to repeat all the sincere compliments, I second them all. Congratulations for your first GB, we will be partners of our first generation participating.
In good time Graham. :thumbup:

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