First Bomber Downed in the Battle of Britian

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    This is the story of the first bomber shot down on British soil since World War II, told by Peter Townsend, the pilot who shot it down in his book Duel of Eagles Hope nobody else has told this.

    "Within minutes the telephone jangled in 43 squadron dispersal ops. 'Sector ops. here. Blue section 43 scramble base. Angels one.' Moments later I was climbing away from Acklington airfield, Folkes and Sergeant Hallowes in my wake. 'Vector 190 bandit attacking ship off Whitby. Buster'. Our throttles wide open we raced south at wave-top height, spread out in search formation... Suddenly there it was a Heinkel above and to my right 'Tally-ho! two o'clock.' I banked right in a climbing turn... My thumb was on the trigger.
    At that instant Observer Peter Leushake yelled 'Achtung Jager'
    [I had fired] and in the Heinkel Peter Leushake was dead and Johann Meyer mortally wounded... the German turned shoreward with a trail of smoke... A girl hear the screaming of seagulls and then the Heinkel seemed to be passing in front of her window...

    I ran out of time to type sorry :oops: but go to this URL Duel of Eagles: The Struggle for the ... - Google Book Search and read pages 197 to 201 to get the full story

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