First flight...Oh yeah!

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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
On saturday I went "gliding" up at RAF Chivenor. Great! I say "Gliding" but there was a bit of a fog so we didnt actually turn the engine off. (Powered Glider - Grob Vigilant). Had a bit of control of the stick, done a bit of pitching and rolling (I was amazing of course, syscom, because ive logged many hours on flight sims ;) ) - wasnt expecting the negative G either! I almost didnt go up though because I was too tall to fit ;) I enjoyed it though, gonna go in for my Glider Scholarship in the summer. I wanna go flying in the Tutor as well because thats cleared for aerobatics - oh yeah.


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Agreed gliding is good fun and once you have done it once you have to repeat the experience again and again (although I have only done it once). Though I must say there is not much greater thrill than doing aerobatics and experiencing the G and a bit of weightlessness...
Great to hear that, CC. May you have many happy flights and landings!
I'm envious, never flew inna glider...
Very cool CC - I've got about 12 hours in gliders, flying them will make you a better powered aircraft pilot. I'm glad to see yu in a Grob, its a good machine....
Wait for your first which launch with a cable break, guaranteed heart pumper. Excellent, enjoy it and learn as much as you can. I found that flying light aircraft didn't close to the same buzz.

PS Spinning from 1,000ft also a guaranteed adrenaline rush, but that will come
and please remember that air traffic control should be held in godlike reverence
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Hey ;) I'd love to post a larger version les but I dont have one, I just stole that from the squadron site...Ill have to ask my CO for a copy of the larger one next time im at ATC.. (Should be there right now but I couldnt be bothered ;) )

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