Flight Crew Picture

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Apr 11, 2004
Hey, I'm looking for a picture of my great grandfather's crew.

Here's a few things that should help you find him....

Frank Wentz
482nd Bomber Group
B-17 Flying Fortress
The name of his plane was Lassie Come Home or Come Home Lassie...
Something like that...I don't know...I think one of the pilot's names was Lasser or something, so they named it that...anyways, if you can find his crew picture, it'd be really appreciated.
hi my name is ed lassak i think my dad ed lassak was the pilot your great grand dad wea on in ww2 my dad flew the lassie come home and flew out of snedderton england his co pilot was named cahill i saw the name wentz on a crew list along with my dads call me anytime

I know that this post is back some years, however, I was just searching on the web with my Dad who served on the plane Lassie Come Home. He gave me names of some of the crew and I found this post. My Dad is still alive and approaching his 90th bday. I believe that he does have a picture of the crew that includes your dad. We have to locate it as he lost his house on the NJ shore and we would need to locate it. His name is Lou Slanina and he was the top turret/flight engineer. He is somewhat amazed right now that we found this post so hopefully we can connect.

Lou Slanina
Great stuff, and welcome. I hope you can get in contact after so long. BTW, the name of the airfield was Snetterton, not snedderdon, and is now a motor racing circuit, although the runways are still used for light aircraft.

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