flyboyj and evan's flight adventure...sort of

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I met Joe (flyboyj) out at Camarillo airport yesterday afternoon for some flying and hanging out. He is in town for the Point Mugu Air Show this weekend. We were both hoping to get skyward and he would give me some instruction. Unfortunately, the marine layer screwed that up for us, but we still got a short flight round the airport. We met up with his buddy, Space and we hung out and told war stories. Pictures, you ask? Here you go.


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Those are great pics.

This is strictly FYI, but something that's commonly mistaken these days is the old roundels on Canadian military aircraft. The leaf in the one on the side of that T-28 is actually the old style RCAF roundel leaf like the one in my avatar. The Navy roundel was slightly different. It had a differently styled leaf in it. The one on the Banshee below was the most common type used by the RCN.

Just a bit of trivia there, that's all. But I was almost distracted by Joe's incredible posing. ;)


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Like it guys bet you had a great day together.
Joe your Cess is a pretty little buzz box, great stuff, I like the paint job . As you say Eric those tennis balls are a good fit in the exhausts. I reckon the serve from them is pretty good as well when you crank up the old girl up with out removing them :)
Hey guys, My internet access is limited while I'm staying at the base. Great Shots Eric!!! It was a bummer that the wrther wasn't better -

We should have more photos as the weekend progresses - Eric I'll see ya tonight, tell me what beer or wine you drink!!!!

Gotta go - we had a fuel leak on the L-29, making sure it stopped - and for my British friends - My friend Bob "Stambo" Stambosky just bought a Jet Provost - Don't sound like much, wait to you see the paint job!! I'll try to get pictures posted today or tomorrow....

Got some other surprises as well - see ya!!!!
I have to say that this message board has been a real treat for me. I have been gaining knowledge from others and sharing it with others. The opportunity to actually meet someone from here was cool too. Though we didn't get much time to fly, it was fun to hang out with Joe and Space. Those guys have some funny stories to tell.

Hey joe, thank Space for me for the drink. And thank you for the flight. Next time, maybe the weather will be a bit more cooperative!
Hmmm. Maybe I could drive over to southern Québec and hunt around for Maestro sometime.
How hard could it be? I've seen one picture of him and I have no idea where he lives or what his real name is, and I don't speak French. :-k

Nah. ;)
hehe, Joe and I have been talking about this for a couple of weeks. It was easy to find him at Camarillo because I guided him into the cafe! hey NS, you could drive just a wee bit further and come to Camarillo! ;)

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