FLYBOYJ´s new sortie

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A close friend (and fellow US military veteran) passed unexpectedly in Jan 2022 at 58 years young - I guess the news about FLYBOYJ hit me hard enough to dim my wits... otherwise I would have posted this back in early Feb.

RIP AT2 Chuck Hartley USN(RET) and FLYBOYJ.

And also Warren Zevon, deceased due to cancer 7 September 2003.

Warren Zevon was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in late 2002, this song was the last he ever recorded, and it was released on his final album The Wind, released on 26 August 2003.
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This is the video that his daughters played at his memorial service.

A very nice tribute to a man who definately deserved it. RIP.
So sorry to read of J's passing.
He was the first guy here who bothered to comment on my posts.
I always had the feeling he was a very genuine guy and I feel blessed to have had his acquaintance.
Miss ya, Flyboy but I figure you're having the best time in your next life right now. :) ❤️ 🌈
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To whom are you directing this?
FLYBOYJ passed away on 5 February.

Who are you posting to? Joe passed away shortly after this thread was started.
It's an unfortunate mistake. I've edited the original post so this is more clear to people who read it.
Fair winds and following seas, Shipmate! The young aviator who draws you for Guardian Angel will be unknowing Always of the source of the good fortune that saves their bacon time and again, but we here in Forum Land will know it's A Man Named Joe.

My nephew passed his Private checkride (flying colors) the day you left us. Quick work, Bro! :pilotsalute:
He could be pistol especially if you caught his ire but he was a good man at heart with a wealth of knowledge and stories. He will be missed. I have been MIA for a long time with different distractions....hope to make it back here more regularly.
He was a passionate aviation enthusiast like the rest of us and an absolute expert on many elements of aviation. I was shocked to hear of his passing and regret not having spoken with him more often as his comments were a part of what made this forum so special. Joe's passing is a reminder to not take our conversations with each other for granted.

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