“Foo fighters” sighted over the Pacific during WWII?

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Jun 9, 2022
I'm looking for any information about "foo fighters" sighted over the Pacific during WWII. Particularly any Japanese accounts. But any accounts would be most welcome.

All I'm aware of right now is the mass sighting over Tulagi Island on August 12, 1942.

The following account was found at the link below:

FOO FIGHTERS: World War II UFOs Before and After

Almost all reported sightings, official and unofficial, of the aerial phenomenon given the name Foo Fighters during World War II and seen by pilots and flight crews on all sides of the action, when seen, were invairably observed only while the flight crews were airborn. There is a highly credible instance that happened in the South Pacific in August of 1942 when a whole formation of unidentified flying objects were observed from the ground that everybody who saw them agreed they could not have been enemy aircraft. The event is said to have occurred on August 12, 1942 on the island of Tulagi during a short lull in the raging battle leading up to Guadalcanal. Although there were hundreds if not thousands of Marines on the island that day and most if not all saw the objects, the lion's share for reporting the sighting as it comes down to most of the internet goes to Marine Sergeant Stephen J. Brickner. Brickner reported that when he heard air raid sirens going off he looked to the sky and observed over 150 objects flying directly overhead in straight lines of 10 or 12 objects, one behind the other. He said no wings or tails were visible and they seemed to "wobble" slightly as they flew over at a speed faster than he had ever seen before by enemy planes. He said their appearance was that of highly polished silver and that they shimmered brightly in the sun.
In my opinion, the sightings were (mostly) real and were a natural+unnatural phenomena due to the exhaust from powerful aircraft engines. The exhaust from these engines contained unburt fuel, a good amount of soot (carbon particulates), and a zoo of small-to-medium molecular weight hydrocarbons created in the cylinder. (Catalytic converters were not standard equipment, back then.) The "glowing" was, IMO, due to actual slow "burning" (oxidation) of this nasty stuff. Each engine could put 5-8 pounds (2-4 kg) of exhaust in the stream per minute if buring 50-70 gallons of fuel per hour/engine. The "ethereal" nature of the phenomena would make it seem to be "following" the aircraft at times. This effect is probably similar to "will-o'-the-wisp" or swamp ghosts, caused by the oxidation of methane in the presence of phosphine and diphosphane (swamp gases.) You have a chemical oxidation reaction that is "burning" but not enough to produce the bright visible light of a regular flame. The redox rate is not fast enough to be a human-eye-visible-burning but still can be seen when the redox rate is at the threshold, from time to time. The human eye can't see infrared light which is where most of the energy is going, with a random amount being hot enough to be visible, from time to time. The "foo fighters" are probably some similar effect of the exhaust. Looking sideways at an exhaust trail where this is happening, probably nothing can be seen. However, looking "end on" to an exhaust trail (i.e. your own or some other nearby aircraft's), you would be looking through possibly hundreds of feet of this exhaust plume and, when conditions are right, see a glowing ball and the accumulated light up and down the length from near-visible-flame reactions. Sightings would appear randomly, according to reports, and they somtimes seemed to "follow" the aircraft from which they were sighted and sometimes not. This fits my theory. Foo-fighters weren't seen during the day, of course, but at night this exhaust gas might have enough glow when looking through it "end-on" to be seen. Over Europe and over some parts of the Pacific, there would often be a parade of aircraft flying at night. An occasional sighting would not be surprising. Just my theory.

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