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Aug 21, 2006
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Seeing that the WWII Avitaion has it different parts, Aviation Videos, Aviation Pictures and so on, why is that the post WWII department is divided in such an odd way, Pre and Post Vietnam?
This is, and have given me a headache plenty of times, so much so, that I haven't bothered posting whatever it was I wanted to put up sometimes, not being able to figure out where the thread would fit best...
Why I post this now, is because I'm in the same seat again, not knowing where it would fit best, why isn't it divided as Cold War and Post Cold War, which I think is a more suitable and logical way of having it....

Ok, moaning, whining and b*itching over, who's next on the soap box? *Steps down* :lol:
I can only assume that it might be the terminology that is throwing you off. In addition, the time periods given are somewhat equal.

WWII to Vietnam gives a span of about 30 years as does the Modern section. If you go with Cold War / Post Cold War (which ended about 1990) you've got about 50 years for one and 20 years for the other.

Besides, post what ya have and I'll just ban you and move it to where it should be! :)

This bird (and many others do) fits in both parts, before and after Vietnam, that's why I wonder why it isn't 'Cold War' and 'Post Cold War' instead. Isn't that the terminology(?) that people use when talking about military after WWII, during the 'Cold War Era' etc.? :D
Just take this lovely looking Russian bird Myasischev M-4 Bison, first flew and went into service in the 50's, pre Vietnam, was still used after, post Vietnam, same goes for another nice bird from the east, Tupolev Tu-16...

Now, where do they go, pre or post Vietnam, either way you look at it, them, they're Cold War birds... ;) :lol:

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