French Puma helicopter vid

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Gnomey said:
Good find R988. Not something I would like to see coming towards me when I was driving along the road...
no sir, i do not want to see it
anyway good video, thanks for sharing
i wouldn't have a problem with it, it's only the frenchies afterall....pretty sweet though........
Actually Lanc the Puma and the Super Puma are great aircraft. I got to fly in one one time. Loads of fun. The British use the Puma and Super Puma as well. We were stationed with them in Kosovo. Raced one in our Blackhawk one time.

That weightlessness part, we do that stuff all the time. Its a Neg. G maneuver. Quite fun. We used to do competitions to see how could make a soda can or something float the longest.

Good find there.

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