Frindly foes over the Falls

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Apr 14, 2005
niagara falls
This is a small airshow but should have an excellent selection of WW2 a/c there will be the home a/c which are Bf109e a SpitIX and a the Hurricane ll
plus a Harvard visiting a/c anticipated are the CWH Lanc and Lysander a B17 P51 and a Dauntless other types include the Yale and the Great war flying Museum the runway is turf so no newer types on the ground
It was good, it was fun to see the Bf-109.
Here is one of my pictures.

Thank you!

And I shall visit your web site. My God your pictures are so good.
Nikon FE-2, Zoom Tamron 70-210 f3.5.
I did not jump in the digital yet and still cary my heavy load of stuff.
Thanks for the hints!
Alright, another Nikon shooter! I knew there was something about the pictures. ;) You do a great job with the FE-2. I will warn you though, when you switch to digital, you will shoot a lot more pictures. The nice thing is you can experiment away without burning film to do it.
Thank you!
I did not know what kind of results I would get until I saw the picture from the lab and I exclaimed myself " Je l'ai eu !" I got it!
I don't have a web site, so I spread my pictures along with these messages.
SBD Dauntless...


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