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Discussion in 'Aircrew equipment' started by ob'98, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Fresh from the estate sale of a WW2 Bomber Pilot. Someone beat me to his leather bomber jacket but I found his underwear in an upstairs closet. I have two pair of bottoms; one dated 1940 and the other dated 1942. Both pair have string tie adjustable backs with 3 button fronts. One pair is missing one button and the other pair has a spare button but one of the others is broke in half. Full contract stamps on both pairs. There also is one top but I can find no contract stamp on it. It may have been on the back of the neck and has been washed off. The material is the same as the bottoms but a little darker in color. Underwear is a hard item to find for a display; the uniforms and flight gear is much easier to find, but underwear was vital to the rigors of the cold at high altitude bombing in the unpressurized and unheated B-24's. These are clean and I see no holes. MOVED TO EBAY at 7PM, 6/10/08. Thanks.


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