Fugly Buildings...

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Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
Are there any buildings in your home town which you just hate? Was it the case that looking through old pictures you realise that there was a nice Victorian or Georgian one there before?

Here's a pic of my town centre to show you what I mean.....


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This ain't my picture, but the ones underlined in red are the ones on my shit-list. :lol:


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they're frickin ugly plain and simple.

My little platonic sphere used have old three story victorians lining the main street going south. It was wonderful and then the dreaded 60's came and the builders got the hair brain idea to trash them and remold in some ugly stuko crap until about 6 years ago when the old town started to get a reface and thus some of the "ancients" that had an ugly stucko face got washed, cleaned and back to the beautiful brick and wood. Old town as it was called is now being reclaimed
Forgot about this one - The Bristol Evening Post Press building. I worked here on evenings for two and a bit years, before they laid everyone on the canvassing team off - good money, but a nasty building! :lol:


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A lot of the buildings on the Dartmouth side of the harbour are a little on the "austere" side, and I can think of a few others as well. It's the billboards that get me. This town has way too many! Especially in the north end! :rolleyes:
You could have posted this a bit earlier because I could show you how 'beautiful' Doncaster is...hahaha! But now my brother has gone to Lanzarote and taken the camera with him. :rolleyes:

I'll see if I can find some on the internet though
I was trying to find a picture of my old school but even the internet is failing me. I know all the pictures are old because they don't have the barbed fence and cameras everywhere...honestly, I had nothing to do with the increased security... O:) :-"
They just finished building a REALLY ugly school in Scranton, I'll try to find a pic of it. But thankfully I live in the country where the only buildings I ever see are houses and barns. :lol: :rolleyes:
Phew, ain't nothing... We in CZ have very nice and very old (Europe generally) architecture, like this:


But on the other hand, 60 years of the Communism produced things like this:





I was talking about it with many English speakers and there's even no word for it! In Czech it's called "panelák", and generally it means "panel-house". There were whole cities re-built with only this shit, very often by destroying the historical core of those cities (many of them very old - cca 16.-17. Century!). The groups of paneláks are called "sídliště", in German "Siedlung" and it means "settlement"... The worst thing on this is that the flats are badly noise-isolated, all the same (same in Prague and in Siberia), equipped with shitty things, and the settlements are just fine for crime, creating a concrete ghetto.

In Letňany, which was a village connected to Prague in 1968, all the old-core was destroyed and a ghetto with 15,000 inhabitants was built. I have the fortune to live in a small piece of the remaing old-town, in a family house... :confused:

So if I hate something, than would be the PANELÁK!

The 'panelák' was designed in Russia - under the 1957 re-building programmes that Nikita Krushchev devised to solve the chronic housing shortage in Russian cities.

The very first experimental blocks were built in a place called Novye Cheryomushki in the southern suburbs of Moscow. You can see this same design from the Berlin Wall to Vladivostok.

True story - the staircases on the first blocks were so narrow, that when somebody died on the new estates, the coffin had to be lowered down on ropes to the ground.

The composer Dmitri Shostakovitch wrote a satirical operetta about these buildings........

Cheryomushki! Cheryomushki!
Remember your new address,
In every flat, on every floor,
Municipal happiness!

We beautify the Moscow sky,
With orange construction cranes,
And flocks of giant apartment blocks,
Devour her ancient lanes!

They'll all have drains and window panes,
So Comrades raise your glass,
A brand new flat,
Now fancy that!
A miracle come to pass!

Cheryomushki! Cheryomushki!
Shall bloom a thousand blooms,
Of happiness, and dreams come true,
In a thousand concrete rooms!
Yo... And the government, instead of demolishing these awful objects, is reconstructing them!

"You can see this same design from the Berlin Wall to Vladivostok." - Sadly truth........
Ah it's all a cunning plan - restore and market the Khrushchoba apartments as 'Post-Soviet-Retro-Chic-Living' for Westerners wanting to own a pied a terre in Prague, but who can't afford to buy a place in the centre.
Hey, that might actually work!

"Experience living as the proletariat masses did! Long may our crimson flag inspire!"

Or something cheesy like that. :lol:

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