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Feb 19, 2007
Southern New Jersey
Any comments on this upcoming movie with Brad Pitt? Looks like they are using an actual Tiger I from the Bovington Museum - only time an actual Tiger tank has been used in a movie. Supposedly takes place in April 1945 and Brad and Co. are supposed to take their tank and save the war. I'm just curious how. BY April I don't think there was much to do but mop up. I may be wrong. Anyway.......


View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKu5lGfRBxc
I was wondering if I should re-post the posting about this film I left at wargaming forum (naturally only based upon the watching the trailer, which never shows 95%+ of the best action bits or just the ok parts and brief pre-release description of the film), but Jan '13' covered it already without me ranting, enough said. Run away, run away, Sir Robin...

Is it me, or since 'Incredulous B'tards', Brad(jolina) is happier to settle for shittier roles? (Troy Bable excellent....)
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From what I've seen, they have tried to at least apply a reasonable amount of authenticity here.

At least it doesn't have crappy (and repetitive) CGI and worn out - rehashed storyline (pearl harbor, red tails) or an overblown splat-flick fantasy theme...
While I am not a fan of Brad Pitt, I do know he's capable of decent acting once upon a time, so perhaps this might be one of those occasions where he does a decent job.
Don't forget Dog Soldiers, that as a budget film did very well for itself.
...or it follows the Top Gun style of crew representation - missing any crew members that don't matter to the story and plot irrespective of anything remotely called realism; except for the advertising claims of realism to make smarter persons go to watch it only once.
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I'd like to see a good film adaption of one of the Sven Hassel books, but not pretty boy Brad and his pet tank, Furry :D
I would like to see it at some stage....but then I enjoyed Saving Ryans Privates as well. For me, the battle scenes don't need to be historical, but they need to be plausible. That means, the tiger needs to be short of fuel, look like a tiger, and statistically kill about 7 Allied tanks before it buys it. Most likely the crew would run out of fule, destroy the tank and scarper
Even Battle of Britain had it's mistakes.

RAF aircraft with duplicate coding (Polish Sqd markings, if I remember right), Bf109s were Spanish models and so on.

Of course, but they got the basics correct. Mostly, anyway ;)

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