G.R. Duval Decals

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Does anyone know if/where I can find some 1/32 decals for G.R. Duval's (or anyone in the 152 Sqn "Black Panthers" for that matter) plane? Thanks!

Hello,have seen your appeal for information on my fathers spitfire decals from 152 squadron in Burma, the aircraft he flew in most operations was UM-E serial no MT557,you might be interested to know he also came up with the idea of using the black panther painted on the fuselage,the only time the RAF allowed this to be done,he went on to after the war to fly many types of jet aircraft,and to become the senior flying instructor on 98 squadron canberra operations in the cold war,flying alongside US, U2 aircraft,regards Simon Duval
I think Iv'e seen them somewhere in 1/48 but that doesn't really help you Catch22, I suspect that they would not be available in 1/32 at this time.
You may need to organise some custom decals...maybe?
Haha, I would have, but the Spitfire was turned into a Seafire and built during the summer, so I can't really anymore haha. And I found them in 1/48 as well, but just not 1/32.
I,m the older son of the late G.R.Duval my father with a friend of his selected this emblem to replace the squadron sponcer the Nasim of Hydrobads own emblem which was his hat/crown.My father kept a china black panther over the mantle piece for a long time plus painting a picture of his spitfire from 152 Sq above it.He was very proud of his asociation with 152.
Hello Simon,

I am very interested in 152 Squadron activities during WW2. Do you have any additional information about your father's service in the Squadron. Specifically,do you have the dates of his assignment to 152 Squadron? Was he with them in Malta or did he join them in Burma? I have some additional information if you have any interest in it and I know a pilot from the Squadron who lives nearby.


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