GB 22-Seaplanes, Floatplanes of WWII, Allied or Axis. to start

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    I open this thead to discuss the next gb that is about to begin.

    in my case, I have very many doubts that planes I can do since I have like 12 seaplanes and everyone has their thing, so if you have clear is that I'm going to battle with the BV138, super detail, I have pictures of one of these grabemente that after being damaged in the Gulf of vizcaya splashed down off the coast of sestao, the Basque country in Spain, but of course I want to leave this to the working group of the Battle of the Atlantic (GB27), but good and I'll decide, I also have a small BV222 engines to make the version V4 hardly Was operational, which is neither transparent nor inside that gave it to me use all this to make the biggest BV238, I was looking online and I found one that I would come home in time for 50 € delivery charges, taxes and other all-inclusive, it is very expensive but good not find it here or joke and I found myself asking € 100 if!!

    Although I have also Japanese seaplane I did already one forum.
    so if I have more than clear is that I do Heinkel HE115 that was in cartagena b3 after the fall of the navy base in the Spanish Civil War

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