GB-57 1/48 Luftwaffe P-51B Mustang - WW2 Foreign Service

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Jun 19, 2015
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Manufacturer: ICM 48125
Model: Mustang P-51B WWII American Fighter
Scale: 1:48
Extras: Ventura decals.

Adding yet another type flown by Hans-Werner Lerche to my collection.
North American P-51B "Jerry"- QP-G, 43-24825, 334FS/4FG. Coded 8+7 and later T9+HK in Luftwaffe service.
Took off from Debden Airfield, Piloted by 2ndLt. Thomas E. Fraser. It was shot down and crash landed on 6 June 1944 at Cambrai. It was transferred to E-Stelle Rechlin on 7 July 1944.
It was later used at Neuruppin to train Hungarian pilots to use FW-190's before being assigned to Beutezirkus Rosarius near Oranienburg, Germany in October 1944. On 12 December 1944, it was lost during a Beutezirkus Rosarius display at Botzow near Velten, Germany. The pilot, Oblt. Leo Potjans of 1./JG77, was killed in the accident.
It was salvaged on 21 September 1945.

Lerche flew the P-51B, but doesn't actually specify which one by code or number. However, in his book he mentions Cambrai, so it must be 43-24825. It flew with both the 8+7 and T9+HK codes at Rechlin, but I haven't seen any profiles or pictures of 8+7, so am going with T9+HK.

Germany, P-51B-15-NA, 43-24825, T9+HK.jpg

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