GB-57 1/72 A-36 Apache RCAF - WW2 Foreign Service

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Jul 31, 2019
Pennsylvania, USA
Username: PlasticHero
First Name: Alan
Category: Intermediate
Scale: 1/72
Model: A-36 Apache
Manufacturer: Brengun BRP 72026
Extras: Yuha dash panel; Brengun photoetch


The Beginning of the "Many" Trick Pony. This looks like no other dive bomber of the period, and I wonder if NA wanted to have a fighter in the future from the start. Going with the Boscombe Down scheme. Found a pic showing the missing paint on the left flap. Hey Bob, have you seen the left flap? No? Oh well, I'll paint it later.


The bottom is from the kit, including the resin intake; the top is aftermarket. There are 2 Yahu panels, both for P-51B but are a bit different. I'll be taking a closer look and compare them to the A-36 panel. Don't worry, the other one will get used.
When the West was designing fighters in the late 30's they all seem to start with a high back fuselage; while the Japanese built a greenhouse, but gave the pilot better rear vision. Any thoughts on this difference?
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Oh boy, this is going to be a real test for me. A close look at the sprue will show NO LOCATING PINS and the fit and detail are not Tamiya level. So far I have the two cockpit sides glued in and the cockpit floor glued to one side. It fits but was rather nerve racking. Started on the PE for the cockpit. There are replacement panels, control levers and equipment boxes. I have the Yahu panel as well, will build both and see which one I like.

Compare the kit seat to the PE, there are belts to add to that. I added two blocks to represent radio equipment and a brace on the back of the armor plate for some other box.

This is the instrument panel with two layers for the upper part and a film with gauges that goes behind it and second sloped lower panel. There was no support for that so I added a hair fine stretched sprue under it. Supported it with some blu-tack and super glued it in place, hoping it wouldn't move. It came out fine and as long as I don't breath on it, should be good.

A closer look at the left wing flap in the photo (see first post) shows that the outer dark band was painted on, I have no idea what was going on in the paint department that day.
I don't want to complain (THEN DON'T) but the PE is really giving me trouble. I wiped them with alcohol and used lacquer for the black color in hope it would stick, but no. Some of the bent parts have a tiny glue surface or connection and will break. The paint comes off every time they are touched. It could look great but it is at the limit of what I can see or manipulate, so I'm going to be probably using less in future builds. The airbrakes are a perfect example, I can see that the real item was a complex deep while thin item but all those fins on part 14 have to be rotated and then the top and bottom turned to create a box. Then glued onto 41; twice and then do the same for the top brake. The rudder pedals fell apart as I bent them so I'll try some plastic card replacement. I started using white glue to stick the PE together and it seems to hold a little better but it's thicker and oozes out more.

The other odd thing is the underside brake is hinged so the wind would blow it closed, but the top brake has to be forced closed against the wind. I'm sure they knew what they were doing but it's not what my first guess would be. I have no idea if it's hydraulic or mechanical to operate them.
a-36 divebrake.jpg

The tan bombs are the kit, the gray is from the P-47. Not sure which will look best after sanding and painting. The lead sentry is from early 80's that I had forgotten I had. Going to try to paint him up as well.

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