GB-59 1/48 Ki84 - WW2 PTO V

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Username : rochie
First name : Karl
Category : intermediate
Scale : 1/48
Manufacturer / Model : Tamiya / Ki84
Extras : none, all in the box

Artwork-Nakajima-Ki-84-58-Shimbu-tai-W4-Miyakonojo-AF-Kyushu-Japan-May-1945-0A (1).jpg

pic from here
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be a couple of weeks before i start, am working the next ten days in a row from tomorrow, then going down to meet up with Terry for a couple of days.

should be a quick build as it a simple kit and a basic paint scheme too.
so looking at the pic i posted.

what are your thoughts on the finish of this Ki84, new paint as in the profile or can i see patches of wear, where the aluminium is showing through on the wing and spine of the fuselage down to the tail plane ?
i can see it does not have the black anti glare panel forward of the cockpit.
Here is the same shot but of a better quality IMHO. It can be noticed that the "4" didn't have the anti-glare strip in front of the cockpit while the no. "7" did.
The camo looks quite fresh without any peeling off the paint. The exception can be the wing top surface at the wing root.


the source: Nakajima Ki-84 "Hayate" (Frank) - Decals and markings pt. 4 - 58 Shimbu-tai
Well it seems I'll need to change my entry.
I got this kit in a swap deal a few years ago with Harrison and now I've looked in the box, the engine part is missing !
I also discovered he had started the cockpit so im guessing he'd also started painting the engine and not put it back in the box.

Will add another entry when i can.

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