GB-59 1/48 Nakajima B6N2 Tenzan - WW2 PTO V (1 Viewer)

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
Username : Wayne Little
First name : Wayne
Category : Judge – Non competing
Scale : 1/48
Manufacturer / Model : Hasegawa
Extras : Eduard Masks and Etch Seat belts May use a combination of the Kit and Rising Decals markings.

My Pacific Theatre build will be a Nakajima B6N2 'Tenzan' as described in the Rising decals sheet as flown by Capt. Masayuki Hida of the 551st Kokutai , 251st Hikotai ,Truk Islands June 1944.

Capt. Hida's aircraft Sporting the Japanese Characters on the rear fuselage of "Kami Kaze"
Usually translated as Divine Wind, the Aircraft mission in this case was not a Kamikaze attack.

I am not aware of any actual Photo of this aircraft, but one particular image has been attributed to being the subject aircraft reportedly captured from a short film, in an attack run at a US Aircraft carrier reported as CV-10 Yorktown.

Image Source : Internet search and used under "Fair Use Guidelines" for historical purpose.

1_B6N2 Kit_3390.jpg
1_B6N2 51-301 Rising Decals_0044a.jpg
1_B6N2 attack on Yorktown.jpg

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