GB-59 1/48 Nakajima Ki-43-I Hayabusa "Oscar" - WW2 PTO V

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Username: le_steph40
First name: Steph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Hasegawa 09425
Model: Nakajima Ki-43-I Hayabusa "Oscar" 50th Flight Regiment
Scale: 1/48
Addons: AML AMLA48016 "Ki-43 P-E + PUR parts landing flaps and wheel wells set"; Dead Design Models canopy mask

The kit
s-l1600 (1).jpg

In the box here except the decals
Small message to inform you that I will not be able to work on this model :rolleyes: . Since last night, I have been feeling very tired with flu symptoms and coughing fits that have tied up my glottis. But my wife had Covid-19 at the beginning of the week (for the second time) and I will know tomorrow if that's what I caught (which she will have transmitted to me with all her love...!!! 😁:oops:). But it will be the first time if it is indeed Covid.19
So, for a few days, I am unable to do any movement because it quickly becomes an intensive bodybuilding session (as a former rugby player, I realize that I am no longer worth much in this state! ) :lol:
I think about my time lying in front of the TV... Yuck! :banghead:
See you soon friends. :wave:

Pascal, I will send you a little message a little later :)
Yes, you have to be careful, there are more and more covid cases around me at the moment. For my part I take precautions but you can catch it easily. My sister-in-law has been very very tired in recent weeks due to her covid.
For the message don't force it, take care of yourself first.
Good luck !

I'm back after a week of Covid...!!! I feel better now and I started this project :)
There are several versions but according to Nick Millman, the Nakajima gray-green cockpit color appeared from the II models, so the I models had probably the cockpit color in Aotake.

I decided not to use the wheel wells and some PE parts from AML because the sizes are a little hazardous for me. The wheel wells seems to be a little too short and the "landing flap wells" are too big. I'm probably still a little tired, and too much work to adapt these parts... I only added some PE parts in the wheel wells...
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