GB-59 1/48 P-39Q Airacobra - WW2 PTO V

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Ralph Haus

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Jul 24, 2016
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Username: Ralph Haus
First name: Ralph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Eduard
Model: 8470 - weekend
Scale: 1:48

P-39 Box Art.JPG

A Scalemate Image capture from online search.

P-39 Scalemate Image.JPG

This should be a fairly quick build, although the cockpit looks like it can be detailed up quite nicely, and that usually take the lions share of my build time.

I will have to make a hard choice on the externals though, the 3 that are PTO applicable are all unique and very sharp in their own rights. I just may have to buy another kit or two to do all 3? (I blame Don for this kind of thinking). Leaning towards PAT-RIOT, it would break up some of the RLM monotony in the display areas.



P-39 Snooks.JPG
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Some progress being made. Trying to get all of the parts that need to be coated with the 'interior' color green ready so that I only have to do that airbrushing color once. Not quite there yet, sure are a lot of them, and they all need some level of clean up. Bouncing between that, to keep me motivated, I have done some dry fit and sub building. Here are some of the results.

Dry fitted the fuselage halves together and tape attached the canopy, Wanted to determine if I too have a door fit issue (closed position)? Unless something serious bad happens during the glue-ups it looks like either, or both, doors can be shown closed without any 'fit' issues. We shall see. I plan on the starboard side being open for this build.

P-39 Port Door Fit.jpg

P-39 Starboard Door Fit.jpg

Some minor detailing on the vents was done. I assume vents are open areas and should be shown as such. I did a bit of drilling and scraping as can be seen in the before and after, as well as the above door fit images.

P-39 Cabin Vent.jpg

I did a first pass assembly on the cockpit components, those that will be overall sprayed the interior green. The instructions are clear on what part goes where, but not so much 'how' there? Concerned that the 'box' assembly may be wonky if I did not align it with something (the parts themselves, for me, left to much room for error), so I used the fuselage attach and features to place the 'wet' assembly , to align and set.

P-39 Cockpit.jpg

P-39 Cockpit align.jpg

Instrument panel may be done? I'm torn between knowing it may be visable with the door open and the gauge details being so-so! If I get bored enough I may start cutting out those individual dial face decals!!

P-39 Instrument Panel.jpg

And one last had to do vent task. The front fuselage vents as supposed to just tack onto the fuselage via some required holes to be drilled. Well, the holes are in the wrong place and the vents have no open area. Had to fix that as well. Sanded off the glue on posts and attempted some intake area thinning. Damn the C30s are small!

P-39 Fuselage Vents 2.jpg

P-39 Fuselage Vents.jpg

Custom seat belt assemblies anyone??
Big bits and small painted and weathered. I experimented with the seat belt decals, applying them very loosely, allowing a non-contact in some areas, attempting to simulate a 'drape' affect. Close enough to leave as is but I do need to apply some flat coat to them to get rid of the gloss look.

P-39 Cockpit Weathered Port.jpg

P-39 Cockpit Weathered SB.jpg

P-39 Small Bits Painted.jpg

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