GB-59 1/72 D.H. Mosquito PR. XVI - WW2 PTO V

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Dec 6, 2005
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User name: Bustedwing
First name : Graham
Category: Advanced
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Airfix
Model type: D.H. Mosquito MK XVIPR
Aftermarket decals: Some scratch built details.

RAAF 87 Squadron. Coomali Creek Northern Territories, Australia. 1944
Now originally I had intended to build the version on the box. I liked the stripes and besides my uncle Ian flew Mosquitos during and after WW2. Since it is the only kit that fits this build here we go. Two possibilities decal wise. RAF based in India painted over all silver and the RAAF based in Australia painted over all blue. I like the blue so here we go. A52-610 on the way.

DHM  (1)r.jpg

DHM  (2)r.jpg

DHM  (3)r.jpg
Ok so here it is. This is the third of Aifix's " new tooled" kits and it's as amazing as the Do17 and He111 kits. So far I have just done the cockpit and interior, Not finished, needs seat belts and some fine tuning detail wise but complete as per the instructions. I though I would throw in a pic of the old Airfix Mosquito I built near fifty years ago or so, or what's left of it. Night and day difference.

DHM (5)r.jpg

DHM (6)r.jpg

DHM (7)r.jpg

DHM (4)r.jpg
Wow ! What a great kit ! The landing gear is amazing. Nine pieces per leg and a bit fiddly if you have fumble fingers like mine but the end result is like I said, amazing, The cockpit is done and ready to assemble the fuselage. I made the belts on the seat with masking tape. I have to admit I cheat though. I cut the little buckles and hardware off PE belts and glue them onto the masking tape. I find shaping the PE belts an exercise in brain pain.

DHM (9)r.jpg

DHM (13)r.jpg

DHM (14)r.jpg

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