GB-61 1/72 Spitfire Mk. XIV– Spitfires

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Looks nice and clean Glenn and those prop bladed, it must be the camera angle, they look very short. :thumbright: :lol:
Part of it is the camera angle, but they do look a bit stubby. Maybe it's because they are so wide at the base.
Below is a crop of the picture of the sprue I took from straight on. The reviews I read about this kit mentioned that the radiator sides are angled wrong but didn't say anything about the prop.

20240604_2146192 - Copy.jpg
Back from vacation and working on the Spitfire again.
I filed down the prop blades some and I do thing they look closer to what they should be.
I know there is one missing, it was filed down but went missing when the pictures were taken and the blades painted. It has since been located and will be re-painted the next time I have black in the airbrush.

There is a discrepancy between the plan and profile views on the decal placement sheet as to the location of the D-Day striping. The plan view shows the innermost white stripe covering the wing to fuselage fairing while the profile view shows the fairing in its original camouflage color. I looked around the web to see if I could find some other pictures of DL-K RB188 and that opened up a whole can of worms which I will go through below. Anyway, as far as the fairing, I did find the picture below of a Mk. XIV that did not have the stripe on the fairing and am tending to go with that as I think if the entire fairing was white it would look rather strange.

Spitfire 14 D-Day.jpg

As to the 'Can of worms', While looking into RB188 I found that DL-K was not necessarily RB188 or had the nose art "Brunhilde" with the little V-1 with the nude riding it, or flown by flight sergent Ken Collier. It may have been Johnny Johnson as far as the art work anyway. As far as I can make out from various discussions the Mk. XIV with the art work could have been RM687, could have been coded DL-K, and could have been flown at some time by Johnny Johnson, at least he had his picture taken in front of it.

So I have decided to use the Xtradecal as per the placement sheet, but will change the serial if I can find the right numbers among my spares. Only 88 of the RM188 is visible so all I would need is a 7 to change it to RM687

Johnny Johnson standing in front of "Brunhilde"
Don't think I've ever seen the wing stripes over the wing fillet fairing Glenn. The painting application directive provided measurements for the stripes (18 inches each), and the distance to the outboard stripe from the wing tip, meaning they'd be clear of the fillet.

That's true. Although most of the squadrons followed the rules and the ordered measurment it happend that some of them were applied slightly moved. Sometimes almost correct at their location, sometimes going on the fuselage-wing fairing and sometimes were more moved towards the wing tips.




the pic source: the net.

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