GB-62 Spitfire F Mk.22 - Spitfires

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Tech Sergeant
Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
User name: Bustedwing
First name : Graham
Category: Advanced
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Airfix
Model type: Spitfire Mk F XXII

Picked this kit up from my go to hobby shop. I don't have many Allied kits in my stash so it meant peeling open my wallet for a good cause. Always liked the look of the MK XXII. Looks like it should be a fun build.

Mk22 (1)r.jpg

Mk22 (2)r.jpg

Mk22 (4)r.jpg
Grand choice Graham. I've built this one before and it was very enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing it progress.
Oh I better get moving ! So many completed builds ! Well I got a start in on this build the weekend. Tiny parts and not a great fit but I'm ready to close up the fuselage. I think my days of messing with 1:72 PE belts are numbered !

Mk22 (6)r.jpg

Mk22 (8)r.jpg

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