G'day from Downunder

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Sep 16, 2005
The great land down under
Just dropped in to say g'day. I am a huge warbird fan and attend the flying days at Temora regularly.

For those who don't know where Temora is, it is inn Southern New South Wales here in Australia.

It is home to a unique aviation museum where all aircraft are warbirds and all are in flying condition. It is the home of the only 2 Spitfires flying in Australia. Well actually one at the moment as the other has just arrived from New Zealand and is being assembled and it is hoped to have it in the air for the August flying weekend.

Will try to post photos of their aircraft over the next few visits.

G'day AussieMan

Another Aussie here.

If you get up Toowoomba way be sure to check out the Aerotec hangar full of warbirds. Don't wear socks though as the sight will blow 'em off! Cheers
Is that Meteor still at Temora? I left NSW just before it was due to arrive. I'd have liked to see and hear that fly. I've a real interest in WW2 jets.

Cheers, Neilster

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