Geedee's 2022 adventures :-)

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Dec 5, 2008
Following lockdown it was great to finally get out and about this year and make up for some of the stuff I have been missing.

Rather than start a couple of threads, thought I'd just bung 'em all under this one to save space.

What did I do in 2022 ?...well :-
  • I managed to get 'OMT' to two shows...and collected some neat stuff that I am in the process of installing at the moment :).
  • I was recruited as a staff photog for an air race Stateside.
  • Spent a solid week at Oshkosh and camped throughout so didn't miss anything...walked bl**dy miles I did !!.
  • Spent 3 weeks on Tour with the CAF B29/B24 Squadron starting my training on Diamond Lil and familiarisation training on Fifi as well.
So that's 3 X first's for me this year and also as aside, I am the first English dude on the B29/B24 Squadron that anyone current knows of so that makes 4 :). (One of my buddies Stateside reckons I'm a I asked him why. He pointed out that I am a bit of a rarity in that I'm probably the only Englishman or if not the only one, one of an exceptionally small number to have flown as a crew member on a B-17, B-24, B-25, and B-29 !. Does this make me an endangered species ? ).

Anyway, on with pics.

Way back in April I received a long awaited package containing some bits allegedly from an early Mustang, at least that's what the advert write up said and the photo's were suitably small enough to not confirm. The rudder pedal assembly is spot-on and has parts I am currently missing so will be incorporated into OMT over winter. That just leaves the control column. Not Mustang but something a whole lot rarer indeedy. Took a while but I can now confirm its a unit from a LinkC-11B Trainer...check out this link (hahaha) Tennessee Museum of Aviation :) to see one. This was used to train pilots on the F80 and I'm guessing they didn't build too many of the simulators and so as this one is unissued it might be possibly a sole example ?


Either way, super pleased to have it safely at home in the Shangar

Then fast forward to Cockpitfest. Was brilliant catching up with everybody and scored an original early Mustang elevator trim unit and a B-24 Manual extend...yes extend not retract !...winch for the main gear. Fully functioning and has leaked all over the display shelf too !




Next post will have pics from the Air Race :)
Thanks all...the fun stuff hasn't started yet :)

Actually before the air race pics, these are a few pics from the 2nd show I attended this year

Took 'OMT to the Essex Heavy Military Vehicle Association show called Echoes of History (Living history and Military show) HMVA and displayed with my usual bunch of mates and their simply staggering collection of WW2 USAAF 'stuff. This was my 4th time at the show and it is just mind boggling what you see there. Unfortunately my cell-phone went flat and so I only grabbed a few pics so no pics of the other exhibits I'm afraid :( . Notwithstanding the arena displays there was just soo much stuff to wander around in the evenings and look and chat the owners that the weekend is full-on right from the get -go. It was also scorchio on weather side !.



Did chuckle a bit...out loud actually :) ...when I saw this battered .50 cal for sale. It had been carefully welded (not) back together by the owner and when I asked what he was asking for it, expecting around £750 ish due to its poor condition and world class welding, could not help but giggle when he said with a straight face £4200 !. He did seem a bit upset at my reaction but needless to say he took it home with him unsold when the event finished for some bizarre reason.



I wonder where it was found and taken from. Looks just some stuff i have seen being dug up in a war time wreck place.
I wonder where it was found and taken from. Looks just some stuff i have seen being dug up in a war time wreck place.
The guy did say what airplane it was from but he had no provenance...ann it still wouldn't have made it worth the asking price either !
I was humbled to have been invited out as a staff photographer for the AirVentureCup Race back in July. This race has been running for 25 years and is open to any pilot with an airplane. there a numerous classes you compete in and if you mount doesn't fit any class, one will be made for you !.
AirVentureCup Race
We didn't have any turbine powered airplanes this year and I understand its the first year no-one went faster than 300mph. Also, in a change from the normal format it was decided that the course would be a circular one with take off from one airport, cross the finish line then back to the first airport. Details can be found on the link.

If any of you are interested in racing next year, please do get in touch via the website, it's a fantastic atmosphere and a great bunch of people to race with for sure !.

So first thing was to get Stateside and I opted for flying with American Airlines and paid extra for for Premium Economy seating which paid huge dividends in priority boarding and seating / meal stuff. My first problem I had was that I had to get into a flight suit as I would be flying not during the race but before and afterwards.
Working from home due to Covid and not getting out and about and keeping fit did not help when I tried my old flight suit on... :)

IMG_0670 (1).jpg

However, in the best tradition Tony had an older spare one that I was able to get into so once I'd added my badges all was good :).
Flew out in a Dreamliner...I do seriously like these planes and normally try to book flight using them !...from Heathrow after consuming a 'full-monty' breakfast that enough grease to do an oil change on any truck !
Yuck !!



While taxying out to take off we pulled over and shut down the engines for 20 minutes while the Captain said they were waiting for some Data to be uploaded...nothing to worry about obviously !!!! but did get the chance to wave at Concorde


Then with all the mysterious data uploaded, they kicked the tyres and lit the fires and we roared off across the Pond to Chicago


Last time I was in Chicago was back in 2013 and I was flying in Witchcraft with Jim H flying alongside in Betty Jane and it brought back strong memories of happier times indeedy.




Once I cleared Homeland Security...yes they let me back in :) was straight on a coach down to Milwaukee. First time I've used Coach USA and will use them again, it was a seamless service right through and very comfy


Was picked up in Milwaukee and we drove the 100 odd miles to Oshkosh to finish getting the get the camp set up. The AVC Race finished on the Sunday just as Oshkosh starts on the Monday and most of the racers then fly to Osh and park up in a special area right on the crowd line.

Last time I was at Osh was back on 2005 so had to get the obligatory mug-shot in :)


Friday morning was the move flight from Osh to Wausau for the race and was invited to fly along with Aaron and Reagon in their awesome V tail Bonanza. Flight time was around an hour and for the first part of the trip we had two Lancair Legacy's loping along side (both of which would be racing that weekend). Joe and Kevin in Race 6 and I can't for the life of me remember who was flying the other one, very embarrassing !


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The rear windows in the Bonanza had a pale blue film on the inside that caused hassle with colors on the photo's of the racers but managed to get some reasonable shots. After a while, the two Legacy's peeled off and and then came wazzing by to get to to Wausau. Very sleek and fast looking airplanes they are !!

Unfortunately I can't upload the over-take vid as its too large for this site :)
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Having issues uploading vids now, they upload but I am then unable to insert them into the post. I'll keep trying as have some epic vids to share later on :)
Hopefully got the vid conversion sorted so can now upload the over take....and yes we had fully discussed the flight in detail and agreed everything before we launched.

Funny thing is that very shortly after the two went past we entered some clear air turbulence for the remaining 20 mins of the flight the likes of which I have never encountered before. We were flying on Autopilot when were hit by the turbulence and it was like being broad-sided by a truck...I swear we had nigh on 45 plus degrees of bank as we hit the first pot-hole in the air, it was brutal. At one stage I'm sat with lap strap as tight as it was possible to get it, one hand on the roof and one holding on like h*ll to to Reagans seat back as the air outside played pinball with us.
And then just a we entered the circuit at stopped...just like that !


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A good number of Racers were at the airfield on the Friday with the rest flying in on the Saturday. We had a major issue with weather threatening the event and it was all hands to battle stations as the 'planes on the field were either flown out or carefully parked in local hangars. Kudos to the airport staff for making this happen at extreme short notice and some very hard work by all involved. The weather also caused hassle at Oshkosh with again many who had flown in there, rapidly departing to safer locations just in case.

We had 52 aircraft compete this year ranging from Cessna 182's , through numerous Vans designs, A CJ-6, Twin Commanche, Long Ez's, Legacy's and Mooneys to name but a few.

Wausau airfield itself is perfect for this type of event and the Club House and local EAA Chapter were superb hosts. there is also a pretty cool gate-guard !!

Not going to add a pic of every one but here's a selection from the Friday as a taster



My transport from Wausau to Oshkosh on the Sunday eve :)


Airplane Jenga in the hangars...


Race prep on the Friday :)


As the evening drew in...


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