German carriers

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Nov 21, 2004
Where there any German carriers ever built (or any projects for constructing any of them)?
Thank you guys. Sorry for bringing up issues that you've discussed before but I've been away from the site for about a year...
What is the difference between a carrier and a flattop?
For the Flettners?


Anton Flettner


I just remembered that I read something a while back about using the carriers to help in the battle of tha Atlantic, but I don't know if that would have been a good idea, or if that was just something I read and didn't find a second source for. If that was the purpose, it would have made a tempting target.
ok guys another not think of the KM version as the size of British and US flat-tops and this very point might help you realize what they were used for. Several in production
Even if the German carriers had been the best in the world which they weren't by a long shot the problem is with the aircraft. The 109 had a very poor landing record, probably one of the worst of any front line fighter produced in large numbers.
Would anyone like to take a stab at the accident rate of a Naval 109?
Ooooooooooh Eric is hitting upon it quite nicely

can anyone else add to this ?

forget the 109 and others in the single engine role it just didn't happen and the Graf Z. was counter productive to what the KM was looking for and that was complete unison with the Luftwaffe in the Recon and bomber/rescue roles which it never achieved
So they used the flattops for pilots to practice in naval operations?
Just like US did by converting liners into flattops and using them for practice in the Great Lakes

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