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cute corporal

Nov 29, 2004
i would tell you all my name so that you can research my facts somehow but i dont like leaving my real name on the 'net, as you don't know who will get hold of it and use it for bad purposes :evil:

1) i am a student :shock: at weston super mare college, where i have been for four years and am finishing my last courses. i have done english gcse, maths gcse, c.l.a.i.t, human physiology gcse, law gcse, catering, chemistry gcse, business as, shorthand, art, e.c.d.l, french level1.

2) i am just starting to build my own art business (i specialize in murals and fantasy art - you can see one of my murals, despite it being someone elses artwork - at the fox and goose pub in brent knoll) i use an airbrush and pencil mostly. :)

3) i am in re-enactment (The Company of Chivalry 14th cent) and it is the biggest joy of my life! :BIG:

4) i have two cats (my familiars).

5) i am Wiccan and have been practising witchery for four years (Happy Imbolc - Spring equinox)

6) i hope to move to either Glastonbury, Tintagel or Kidwelly in the distant future.

7) i play a Fender Strat (badly), amateur keyboard and the Jews harp now and again.

8) i like to make my own clothes (when you wear a corset, everything has to be fitted to the new shape)

9) i have gone through several fashions but now frequently sport a forties look, hippy or heavy metal appearance. :silly:

10) i enjoy most music ranging from 20's swing to trance, heavy metal to classical and all in between but i LOVE sixties hippy (Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Byrds, The Kinks, etc...) and modern and 80's metal (Marilyn Manson, Transvision Vamp, Rammstein, Ugly Kid Joe etc...)

11) i love cars (would love to own a Hairy Lotus), bikes (would love a Harley Davidson chopper or fatboy or a German V-Twin Xcite), guitars, learning about engines, cats (my little Pepper and Salt), corsets (my waist is now 28.75"), BDSM, black, pink, beer, fake fur, shoes, huge skirts and re-enactment.

12) please feel free to ask any questions at all and i will answer them honestly.

cute corporal said:
11) i love cars (would love to own a Hairy Lotus),

Aha! Check out the cars thread in this forum, there are lots of car lovers on the site. (I selfishly declare myself the biggest one ;) )

Also glad to see that you chose to stick around. 8)
And guess what, since she's involved in historical re-enactments, she'll probably have a wealth of information about military festivals around the country.

Goes to show that people will always turn round and bite you in the ass when you dismiss them out of hand.
1.) Just finishing college eh? Well congrats on that. Sounds like an impressive list of accomplishments you've got there

2.) Your own art business... that's a fairly amazing achievement. I still draw stick people :oops:

3.) When I first read this one, I didn't read closely and thought you were a Civil War reenactor. Although I can't claim much knowledge of 14th century reenactment, this sounds really cool!

4.) What are their names? I'm a cat person, this endears you to me :lol:

5.) My initial reaction to this was a rather suprised one, but knowing nothng of the religion, I am in no position to make a judgement. Each to their own, I suppose

6.) I hear Glastonbury is quite lovely this time-- oh wait, perhaps I didn't. Nevermind!

7.) Another guitar player to the lists! Welcome aboard! Personally, I play a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Special, and love it.

8.) This sounds interesting. Personally I would botch any attempt to make a sock, let alone entire outfit. Props to you for this!

9.) They tell me I look like a hippy. I laugh at them

10.) Sounds like a very wide-ranging taste of music. Personally, the only band I listen to from that group is Rammstein, but props for the open mind!

11.) You'll find that there are several car lovers such as CC here, you should be in good company

12.) Do you prefer...


Enjoy your stay! :D
7.) Another guitar player to the lists! Welcome aboard! Personally, I play a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Special, and love it.

I play guitar too...but to be honest im really not liking it. I have ALWAYS wanted to play piano but I dont have the time, which is why I bought the guitar. Ive decided to take lessons in piano (again) though and do what I really want 8) Might sell the guitar, might not. We'll see how it goes :D
plan_D said:
I was the only one that didn't abuse her, which is strange...

Make that one of the two, I never posted in reply to her question, or abused her...

I posted in that eighteen-page thread less than ten times...
Well I happen to like women that wear the Gothic Style wich such Corsets and things. My wife on rare occations wears that style of clothing and it drives me nuts.

As for the music. Great interests. I can not say that my range of Musical Style is that wide but I am a rock fan. I love all kinds of rock but mostly Heavy Metal especially the 80's stuff Ugly Kid Joe, Metallica, Iron Maiden and even the the new stuff like Manson.

I too play guitar right now I have a custom built Ibanez. I want to buy some more guitars. I play mostly the thrash, speed stuff like the ealier Metallica, but I would in now way say that I am a great guitar player, I have a lot to learn.


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