Good Spanish language sites.

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Jan 11, 2005
Cordoba - Argentina
For the castellan readers and everybody in general here I going to post some pages that I consider very good.

The first, one wich I am a colaborator.

A lot of plans, drawings and technical info about WW2, guns, aircrafts, tanks, AFV and other stuff.

Enjoyable for the non-spanish readers as well. can try some kind of translator.

Revista del Suboficial. The Argentine Army officers magazine, complete version of the paper edition with many technical, tactical, and legal articles.

Ranks and others ( a little in english)

The magazine itself, click on the covers and the in "Sumario" to read it.

Tecnologia para la Defensa, Defense Technology, weapons sistem of South America and the World.

Legal, technical, and medical stuff. Interesting info about the hollow charge rifle grenades.

Pues sí, no he tratado personalmente con el forista Wilhelm Heidkamp, pero admiro sus trabajos y los guardo en mi biblioteca.

Hay otro sitio muy bueno en: 1939-1945 - La Segunda Guerra Mundial, tienes que cerrar la publicidad, que es un poco molesta, pero sus artículos son de lo más interesante.


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