Graphic Anomalies and Glitches

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I thought this might be interesting. A place to post those weird and bizarre kinda things.

...Where's Hot Space? ;)


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they hould really work on the floatplanes, the A6M2-N float even without floats, or with just outriggers


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oh that was an accident, it wasn't supposed 2 be there
the ship only sinks that far


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even from above with equal lighting, the control surfaces dont shine
take a look at the one with the wheels
and the aileron that faces the sun
Also I just relized about the invisible many whereing the army helmit. I didn't think flyboy's whore helmits. Of course I could be wrong.
uh oh, i think oleg's added a little extra in 1946 :shock: :shock: :shock:


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Well, this thread's been quiet for a while, let's breathe a little life into it!

Some time back, I ran a mission in FB that seemed to be going ok, we mixed it up with some Red fighters escorting some IL-2s, then bounced the IL-2 flight. I boomed across the lead IL-2, and it burst into flames, and angled into the ground.

Well, then it took off like a bat outta hell...screaming across the landscape like a flaming torpedo. Figuring that it was a glitch, we finished up the brawl and headed for home. Upon landing and securing my crate, I figured I'd check and see if there were any Soviets left, and this flaming wreckage was STILL shooting across the landscape. It had left the map long since, and was out there somewhere zooming along.

I had to grab a screen of that stuff, it's just too weird...


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i know what you mean, i had that several times before too.
i figured that if you shoot down a plane while it is shooting at you at the same time and the pilot dies, then it happens quiet offen that the plane goes down while firing his mg's even after it crashed.
I always get annoyed when I lose an AE wingman due to something I did. I know it's just a computer pilot in there, but still, it often happens when they aren't smart enough and I don't allow for that, or I'm careless.

Like today in the Y-29 campaign. I was flying wing, my leader landed, then I wanted to land, but the other planes in my formation 3 and 4 wouldn't stop flying formation. I can't tell them to break formation because I'm wingman, and my controls don't allow. So I have these two planes that won't stop following me. I land, and then over the radio I hear poor 4 and 3 calling out they been hit. I look back, and sure enough there are two plumes of smoke behind. The poor fellows tried flying in slow behind me while I landed and crashed into the turf. Sad ending to a good mission, they got several kills, I got one and helped to damage another. Kinda spoils the whole thing. Makes me want to kick something.

Oh well, those things happen in a game, and probably even real life. At least those two pilot's weren't somebody I know, real mates in real life.
Took this shot while I was near the end of an escort mission. I fired my guns while I was chasing a 109 when suddenly, I saw tracers passing over my head. I called out "Help" but they said I was clear of any fighters.

I fired my guns again and these came popping out, tracers were coming right out of the fuselage, one shooting straight upward and the other shooting from the back. This is really a weird glitch, if you ask me. :shock:

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