Greek Cypriot soldier here

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Chocks away!

Senior Airman
Jan 16, 2005
Hey just thought you might find this interesting-I'm in the Greek army in Cyprus. I'm in my second month(of the two year service) and I am an artillery gunner. ;)
And guess what, i'm gonna be firing-yes 1944 vintage 155mm Howitzers. World War two and Korean war veterans. :shock:
How'bout that? Not really enjoying the army but this is quite cool nevertheless 8)
Thats awesome Chocks! I plan on joining ROTC next year so i can have the prviledge to salute and wear uniform!

I bet those 155mm guns are pretty cool. Congrats again!
I'll try and post some photos when I have time. We are actually sort of a branch of the Greek army in Cyprus. Hey about the earplugs-Yeah I'll remember that! I was interviewed by the new commander yesterday-he says that as i'm a aimer a lot is expected of me, hehe. Apparently our unit has a certain reputation.
You can have bad reputations too, like our Air Defense Artillary which has a bad reputation for shootind down our planes and the planes of our allies more than anything. It sucks but it is the hard truth.
Yeah I've actually heard about that Adler, mostly from problems with Patriot if I remember correctly. In Oz the only real bad reputation any of the forces (mainly the Army) get is the way its people are treated.

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