Greetings from Newburyport, Mass

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Nov 18, 2006
I'm a retired 78 year old Navy vet from WWII. I used to ride around in SB2Cs, trying to keep the pilot awake. I've had a stroke and that has quieted me down a bit. But I still get a big boot out of Flight Simulator and reading everything I can about these wonderful aircraft.
I happened to work on the Blue Angels when they first got started. But cleaning the sticky oil off all the bellies, was like shampooing a ceiling in the 100+ degree heat of Jacksonville. - I put in for Sea Duty.
At that time it was known as "The U.S. Navy's Flight Exhibition Team" and not the Blue Angels. It was the first of many stunt teams, including the Thunderbirds. I still believe that the Bearcats put on a much better show than today's jets. They stayed in front of the audience instead of flying off somewhere.
Speaking of that, I better I disappear.
Welcome helldiver! I'am particularly interested in the SB2Cs becuse of it's ruggedness and versitality(from what I have heard) . Could give me some info?

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