Halifax invaded!

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
The French carrier Charles de Gaulle, along with two French destroyers, a supply ship, and a Rubis Class attack sub, are in town for the weekend along with the British destroyer HMS Nottingham. As I type, downtown Halifax is being plundered by over 3000 horny French and British sailors. :shock:

The zoom on my camera isn't the best, so you can't really see the Rafale fighters parked on deck. Too bad. I had to take the pic of Nottingham from just outside the naval dockyard and so you can't see the two French destroyers berthed on the other side of the jetty. Forget about the attack sub! :rolleyes:


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Did the French surrender once in port? Is it true that the bottom of their ships are glass? :rolleyes:
Hey, that link was great, What Snapperheads!

You know NS - I remember walking in the same area where you took those photos, especially the first one, shoot - that was 20 years ago!

I was hoping you were going to answer my question about the French ships having glass bottoms, so I could reply with my whimsical punch line!
You never hear much abuot there navy. How large is it and what is it made up of? Please dont laugh this is a serious question.
I honestly don't know off the top of my head. I'm not that big into France either. :rolleyes:
I do know that they have some of, if not the, best ASW frigates in the world.
Just check out some French Navy websites.
French sonar equipment is probably the world's best, and the design of the frigates (I forget the class name) places the heavy noise generating gear, like engines and such, above the waterline. It makes them very, very quiet to a submarine. We hate 'em. :confused:

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