Halifax MKII JN- 910

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    I'm looking for any information of Halifax MKII JN- 910 Airborne 1759 14Sep43 from Tempsford on Operation Flat 22, heading for a DZ code-named Kufer 208. While homebound, drop complete, shot down by Kriegs Marine Flak, crashing in the Baltic off Rugenwalde. Those killed are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/O E.C.Hart KIA Sgt A.S.Dove PoW Sgt K.C.Windsor RCAF KIA F/O J.D.L.Cloutier RCAF KIA Sgt K.R.Norie KIA Sgt L.C.Gay KIA Sgt S.J.Smith KIA Sgt W.H.Mudge KIA Sgt A.S.Dove was interned in Camps L6/357, PoW No.576.

    I'm interested in the place of the crash - open sea?How far from the coast?In some sources I found that the plane crashed on the beach?
    Sgt A.S.Dove survived the crash, so did he made any report of that crash? If yes where to look for it?

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