Halifax Z5N

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May 27, 2006
Hi All. This is my first post on this forum. I am ,as part of some ongoing research on my fathers aircraft, looking for a photograph of Halifax Z5N which was based at Foulsham airfield and lost on January 6. th 1945. The photograph shows the crew assembled under the port wing, i believe , of Z5N. It was flown by P/O Mervyn Rohrlach and lost with 7 of its 8 crew over Belgium at 530 pm on the 6 th . This was not an official photograph but i have had confirmation of its existance in the last week, but was lost by the researcher due to a computer failure. I am also hoping to find the official crew photo. The crew were Squadron 462 no' 48. I hope someone can help. This is the final piece of the puzzle!!!!!!
Cheers John Lawrence
Hi !!!
There is a pic of Halifax B Mk.III Z5 N I've found in The Squadron/Signal Publication Aircraft in action serie no.66 - Halifax.I hope it is the one you 've wanted.



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Thanks Werger. Sorry Its not the one . This is the replacement for my fathers aircraft, this photo was taken in april '45. Dads plane came down in January ,also his Z5N had no nose art:cry: Thanks anyway we will keep looking Cheers John Lawrence:?:

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