Harry "Gunner" Kenton, USMC - American hero

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that must be great actually being able to say to visitors "see that, i carried that into battle with me" how much is $25 in 1954 in todays money?
the lancaster kicks ass said:
..... how much is $25 in 1954 in todays money?

I am sure there are references that depict that comparison. My remembrances are, for example, that in 1954 $25 would buy a full basket of groceries or 10 gallons (US) of gas (petrol) or five dress shirts or four cases of Budweiser beer, etc.
P38 Pilot said:
No. Im going to join the Army sooner or later.

And that does not make you an Army Brat. If your Father or Mother is in the Army that makes you an Army Brat. Just because you want to join the Army does not make you an Army Brat.
I like your avatar P38. Even though my unit will not be a part of the Big Red One soon, I will always have been proud to be a member of the famed Big Red One. They say that when you are a member you are one for life.
"The only problem with the Big Red One is, they think the U.S military is made up of the 1st Infantry and ten million replacements," :lol:
That is what the Big Red One thinks. Pretty much the command thinks that the Big Red One is the only thing that matters. I remember we picked up a General in Iraq and had to fly him around and the first thing he said when he got into my aircraft was "Damn finally I get to be with some people that have real standards, this is great!" I just rolled my eyes behind his back.

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